GamePop Promises iPhone Gaming on Your TV — Without Apple’s Blessing


GamePop, an upcoming game console with a Netflix-like subscription model, has another trick up its sleeve.

In addition to playing Android-based games on televisions, GamePop will also be able to run games made for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. BlueStacks, the company behind GamePop, says it has its own mobile-to-TV technology called “Looking Glass” that makes big-screen iOS gaming possible.

BlueStacks announced the GamePop console and game controller last month, though they won’t be shipping until this winter. The hardware itself will eventually cost $129, but for now the company is giving away the console and controller if you sign up for a year of all-you-can-eat gaming, priced at $6.99 per month (or $84 total).

As I wrote before, the challenge for GamePop will be to prove the value of its mobile game subscription. Many mobile games these days are either free-to-play or dirt-cheap, so although BlueStacks is promising a…

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