InfoWorld Reboots Windows 8


My pals at InfoWorld — a publication I worked at back when Windows 3.11 was the current version — are unhappy with Windows 8. They call it “horribly awkward” and “unworkable.” But rather than just complaining, they’ve helpfully provided Microsoft with a game plan for future updates of its operating system, complete with mocked-up screen shots.

InfoWorld calls its proposed version Windows Red, and it’s actually three products:

  • Windows Red Pro: Essentially an upgrade to Windows 7, designed for conventional PCs driven by a keyboard and mouse. It restores the conventional Windows desktop as the primary interface, but lets you run windowed Metro-style apps and view Live Tiles as widgets
  • Windows Red Mobile: A straightforward update to Windows RT
  • Windows Red Duo: A version for hybrid machines such as Sony’s VAIO Duo 13. It dual-boots between Red Pro (when you’re in laptop mode) and Red Mobile (tablet…

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