Pop Secret Addresses the Challenges of Popcorn-Making with a Free Helper App


Let’s face it: Making popcorn isn’t for the weak, the stupid or the faint of heart. It’s a complicated process that draws on more than one of your senses.

You may recall that I had quite a bit of trouble trying to make toast a while back. In retrospect, toast was a cakewalk compared to popcorn. I wouldn’t have dared trying to make popcorn without the help of Pop Secret’s free Perfect Popcorn app.

The app uses your iPhone’s microphone to listen to your popcorn as it’s being popped and alerts you when it’s time to turn the microwave off. As you can see in the above video, my popcorn bag still had a fair amount of unpopped kernels but, hey, at least I’m still alive.

Android users can check out Popcorn Ready, which boasts similar features.

(In all seriousness, either of these apps seem like they’d be…

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