Quiet riot: A City 2.0 winner brings the “quiet revolution” to TEDGlobal 2013

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In the noise of a city, peace and quiet can be hard to find. Australian composer and sound artist Jason Sweeney has a solution — Stereopublic, a free smartphone app that lets users geo-locate and share their favorite tranquil city spaces.

This week, in advance of TEDGlobal 2013, Stereopublic has launched a custom Edinburgh version of the app — making it the first city in Europe to be charted. This City 2.0 award-winning app made its way to Scotland with the help of Sweeney’s partners, UK-based sound artist Emma Quayle and frequent TED speaker Julian Treasure.

Quayle and her team have been busy charting the quiet crooks and bends of Edinburgh. She describes how it works: “You have a map of the city that locates you using Google Maps,” she says. “You select your spot and take a 30-second recording and picture so people know where it…

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