This Is the World’s Quietest Place


Maybe it’s because we’ve been lamenting the possible loss of the non-self-driving car as a music listening pod, or just because I have spent lots of time outdoors of late — or maybe it’s because we all just have so much information and noise coming at us these days, but whatever the reason, I am entranced by the idea of the “world’s quietest room.”

The room, in Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Orfield Labs, is so quiet that clapping your hands sounds weird, because you hear almost zero reflected sound. All you hear is the sound of two hands clapping, to put a twist on the popular zen koan. It’s “anechoic,” which means it is against producing echoes, which is why Guinness Book of World Records anointed this room the “world’s quietest place.”

Documentary filmmaker Sam Green, pictured above with his microphone in said room, reported on the room at…

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