X Marks the Spot: A crowdsourced meal for 2000, plus this week’s TEDx talks

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Catering a TEDx event can be — how do you say it? – costly. So we think it’s so cool that the organizers of TEDxSydney decided to crowdsource the food for the 2,200 people attending the event in May. All the food in the amazing spread above comes from community gardens and from plants grown in the backyards, windowsills and balconies of both attendees and generous urban farmers throughout New South Wales. This incredible crowdsourcing was organized by Sydney’s Grow it Local. More than 250 local growers donated food in the end.

These are the lengths people go to for TEDx events, dozens of which are held around the world every week. From those events, the TEDx team chooses four favorite talks each week, highlighting just a few of the enlightening speakers from the community and its diverse constellation of ideas. Below, listen to this week’s talks — on topics…

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